Angioedema Activity Score (AAS) - non-commercial use

Angioedema Activity Score (AAS) - non-commercial use
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The Angioedema Activitiy Score (AAS) is a validated, easy to use tool to determine disease... more
Product information "Angioedema Activity Score (AAS) - non-commercial use"

The Angioedema Activitiy Score (AAS) is a validated, easy to use tool to determine disease activity in patients with recurrent angioedema, independent of its underlying causes. The AAS is designed to be used by patients for their daily documentation of swelling episodes including their duration, severity and impact on daily functioning and appearance.

The AAS was developed by a Charité team of scientists led by Dr. Karsten Weller and Dr. Marcus Maurer. Briefly, after a set of potential AAS items was developed, item evaluation and reduction were performed by means of impact analysis, factor analysis, regression analysis, and by checking for face validity. In addition, the items of the final AAS questionnaire were tested for their validity and reliability during a 12-week validation study. 

Quick Facts AAS
Number of items: 6 (on days with angioedema), 1 (on days without)
Suited for: All adult (=18 years old) patients with recurrent angioedema
Assessment: Prospectively, for 4 weeks
Scoring: Scoring template available, easy sum scoring
MID*: 8 points
Copyright: Moxie GmbH (
Terms of use: Free for routine clinical use and non commercial research, small fee for use in clinical trials/commercial research
*Minimal Important Difference

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Weller K, Groffik A, Magerl M, Tohme N, Martus P, Krause K, Metz M, Staubach P, Maurer M. Development, validation, and initial results of

the Angioedema Activity Score. Allergy 2013; DOI: 10.1111/all.12209. Publications of studies using AAS
Azofra J, Díaz C, Antépara I, Jaúregui I, Soriano A, and Ferrer M. Positive response to omalizumab in patients with acquired idiopathic nonhistaminergic angioedema. Ann. Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2015; 114: 418-9

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