Our mission

At Moxie we use a new approach to discover, develop and market products to better prevent and cure diseases. We realize that everyone is special and different. Modern medicine relies on guidelines to treat diseases, based on evidence from clinical trials. That’s good, but not good enough. Moxie takes disease management one step further.

Patients with the same disease have different problems, different disease activity, and different responses to treatment. These differences are due to patients’ age, gender, duration of disease, genetic backgrounds, and other factors. Therefore, every patient needs to have individualized care.  At Moxie, we develop profiles of patient subgroups and, ultimately, disease profiles of individual patients so that everyone can receive the treatment that’s best for him or her.

To achieve this goal we develop tools and techniques that allow for the definition of patient subgroups. We then use these instruments to establish and characterize disease subgroups and individual patient profiles and the best corresponding treatment.