Urticaria Control Test now available from Moxie

Moxie congratulates Dr. Weller and his team at the Department of Dermatology and Allergy at Charité on their recent publication of the Urticaria Control Test (UCT).

The UCT, with its 4 questions allows for a quick and easy assessment of disease activity in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria as well as in patients with chronic inducible urticaria. The UCT is, therefore, ideally suited to guide therapeutic choices and to optimize treatment based on disease activity and control. The UCT is available from Moxie and can be obtained by download as well as printouts. Similar to the Angioedema Activity Score (AAS) and the Angioedema Quality of Life Questionnaire (AE-QoL), Moxie provides the UCT free of costs for non-commercial use. This includes the use of the UCT in patient management as well as in non-commercial research projects. For the commercial use of the UCT, the instrument can be obtained in the Moxie shop for at 6 Euros per patient.

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