Why are there PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) products that cost nothing and others that cost 10 Euros?
If you plan to use  PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) products (e.g. AAS, AE-QoL, UCT) commercially, there is a small fee per patient (10 €). This applies, for example, to industry-sponsored trials and clinical studies or market research. You can order free versions, if you plan to use them for non commercial purposes, e.g. for patient management or for academia-driven non commercial research projects. When you order PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) products, these instruments are sent per e-mail. 

I would like to use PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) products commercially. Do I have to buy one version each for every time I plan to use it, even in the same patient?
No. Each PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) products you purchase can be used multiple time by the same patient.

What do I do if PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) products are not available for my country or in the language I need?
The version you are looking for is probably already under development. Feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail to check when it will be available.

Why do I have to create a user account when I order something?

Our PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) products are sent by e-mail after ordering. It is therefore necessary that you create such a customer account. This is very easy and fast. Just enter your name, e-mail and phone number, date of birth and address and of course a password. MOXIE does not pass on these data to third parties.